Over the last six years, Big Shoulders has increasingly invested in the people – teachers and principals – who deliver on the promise of a high-quality education for all students. Preparing students for the jobs and demands of the 21st century requires teachers and principals to further develop their abilities like learning new teaching methods and content, or integrating technology into the classroom. Big Shoulders Fund Academic Programs makes this possible.

Academic Programs offers support within three important areas: providing access to high-quality curricula, offering comprehensive professional development for teachers and school leaders, and building structures for sustainable success.

We are delighted for the opportunity to partner with and support so many organizations in strengthening education for all children.  Big Shoulders Fund looks forward to this collaboration and learning from the work of our partners.

For projects supported by Big Shoulders Fund from 2022 through 2025 an indirect cost of up to 3% of the organization’s work may be included in the project budget

Big Shoulders Fund supports more than 20 different academic programs. Click here for a representative list of these programs or follow one of the links below for some program highlights.