Auxiliary Board

The Big Shoulders Fund Auxiliary Board is the most rapidly growing nonprofit board for young professionals in Chicago.

Currently the Auxiliary Board has 200 members (and growing) who serve our students and schools through volunteering, fundraising, and spreading the word about our mission. Along with the Chairmen’s Advisory Council, it comprises the “Next Generation” of Big Shoulders Fund leaders. Annual membership only requires a donation to the Auxiliary Board Scholarship, but there are many ways to stay active and give back throughout the year.

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$100 annual donation

Recognition in the Annual Report

Student thank you card 


Select a volunteer opportunity that works best with your schedule to get involved with our schools and meet our students. Both school-based and committee level opportunities are available.

Financial Support

Support Big Shoulders Fund with an annual contribution to the Auxiliary Board Scholarship of $100. Your support directly benefits our students. Donate today!

Spread the Word

Promote the Big Shoulders Fund mission by taking part in one or more of our volunteer opportunities!


The Auxiliary Board hosts two annual fundraising events in the spring and the fall, and both events support the Auxiliary Board Scholarship.
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If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Pitts.

Kevin Pitts
Assistant Director, Next Generation and Events
312.566.4403  ✶