Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors play a vital role in helping our newest Staddle Campers have the best experience possible.

Having attended camp only a few years before, Junior Counselors can share a unique perspective that can help completely transform a camper’s week.


In order to be eligible to be a Junior Counselor at Staddle Camp, you must…

  • currently be in 10th grade or higher.
  • have previously attended Staddle Camp.
  • exhibit leadership potential among their peers and in their community.
  • have strong interpersonal skills and be able to work easily with adults and younger students alike.
  • commit to attending all required pre-trip activities and the 6-day trip to Staddle Camp during the summer.


An ideal Junior Counselor is able to…

  • ensure campers have the most positive experience possible.
  • set a good example for all campers.
  • support Lead Teachers and Chaperones during activities.
  • reinforce programmatic and camp-based rules.

Junior Counselors must be able to meet all the programmatic expectations outlined in the Junior Counselor Agreement and attend all expected meetings and activities listed in the Important Dates 18-19 – Junior Counselors

Application Process

High school students interested in becoming Junior Counselors must complete the entire application process, which consists of the following…

  • complete the Junior Counselor Application online
  • interview with Big Shoulders staff and/or one Lead Teacher
  • provide at least one letter of recommendation from a current teacher and/or guidance counselor.

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