Chairmen’s Advisory Council

The Chairmen’s Advisory Council (CAC) was founded in 2007 with the goal of growing awareness for the mission of Big Shoulders Fund and its supporter base by engaging mid-level professionals in our work, helping to cultivate the next generation of leadership. They have done this through volunteerism in schools and on committees, outreach to the community and their networks, fundraising and more. The CAC is a way to make an impact, network, and lead.

Chairmen’s Advisory Council members support a wide range of Big Shoulders Fund initiatives and programs and as the CAC has grown, so too has its impact on schools, students, and the organization itself. With more than 160 members, the CAC is made up of experienced professionals who use their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and professional skills to contribute to the mission of Big Shoulders Fund.

In addition to attending the bi-annual CAC: State of the Union gatherings and social/networking events, CAC members have three important responsibilities.


Select a volunteer opportunity that works best with your schedule to get involved with our schools and meet our students. Both school-based and committee level opportunities are available.

Financial Support

CAC members support our schools with a minimum $500 annual contribution. You can direct your gift to the program of your choice such as the Chairmen’s Emergency Scholarship, which provides tuition assistance for families in crisis, or the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program which helps help lower-income families send their children to private schools. Donate today!

Lend a Shoulder Day and the Annual Big

The CAC hosts our annual Lend a Shoulder Day, fostering relationships between our schools and the civic community. The CAC also co-hosts along with the Auxiliary Board the annual Big Shoulders Fund Ball which raises funds for scholarships that provide financial aid to some of the most deserving students across the Chicago region. Members are encouraged to attend these annual events and to spread the word and bring their friends and colleagues to introduce individuals to the causes we serve.

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Hatfield.

Amy Drozda
Chief Advancement and Development Officer
312.751.3850  ✶