Application Process

Interested candidates should:

STEP 1: Complete the Big Shoulders TDP Application by midnight on May 15th.

  • You will need to include contact information for one personal and one professional reference.
  • You will need to respond to three essay prompts:
    • Big Shoulders Fund schools are beacons of hope within their neighborhoods. At the same time, teachers in Big Shoulders Fund schools are known for building strong and responsive school communities. What does the concept of “community” mean to you, and what role do you play in your various communities?
    • Urban Catholic education requires strong leaders all throughout its schools. Leadership takes on many different forms — one can be a leader in a school without being the principal. How would you describe your leadership style? Provide specific examples of how you have shown yourself to be a leader.
    • Big Shoulders Fund school communities strive for excellence on every front. In your own words, describe “excellence.”
  • Applications may take 30-60 minutes and must be completed in one sitting.

STEP 2: Request your college transcript (unofficial transcripts will be accepted) and email to

STEP 3: Big Shoulders TDP will contact candidates for interviews and complete reference checks before notification of acceptance.


For questions or comments, please contact

The Big Shoulders Fund Teacher Development Program is possible through the support of the Opus Foundation.