Next Generation Leaders

Chairmen’s Advisory Council

The Chairmen’s Advisory Council (CAC) was founded in 2007 as a Board Development Committee with the goals of growing the base of support for Big Shoulders Fund and increasing the connection and involvement of prospective future Big Shoulders Fund Board members. Today, along with the Auxiliary Board of young professionals, it comprises the “Next Generation” of leaders who will guide the Big Shoulders Fund into the future.

The Chairmen’s Advisory Council also supports the Chairmen’s Emergency Scholarship, which provides tuition assistance for families in crisis.

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Auxiliary Board

The Big Shoulders Fund Auxiliary Board is the most rapidly growing nonprofit board for young professionals in Chicago. Now in its tenth year, the Auxiliary Board has 200 members (and growing) who serve our students and schools through volunteering, fundraising, and spreading the word about our mission. Along with the Chairmen’s Advisory Council, it comprises the “Next Generation” of Big Shoulders Fund leaders.

Meet the Auxiliary Board Chairs, Marie Kalas (left), Margo Lang (middle), and Nora Clifford (Right). Not pictured: Co-Chairs Andrew Poehling, Taylor Lear, and Cami Thompson. Also not pictured, Chairmen’s Advisory Council liaison Tom Fitzgerald.

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