Frame the Future with Big Shoulders

This school year Big Shoulders Fund will embark upon a campaign that highlights people who have rolled up their sleeves to support our scholars and schools. Every day individuals from around the city and all walks of life frame the future of Chicago’s inner-city Catholic schools by participating in our programs and volunteering. With this support, Big Shoulders Fund invests more than $20 million annually in 77 schools, reaching nearly 20,000 students— 66 percent living in poverty and 80 percent minorities— through scholarships, academic programs, professional development, volunteer programs, and more.

What does it mean to frame the future? By believing in our students, teachers, principals and the city itself we are building the framework for success of Chicago’s future leaders. Big Shoulders supporters understand the value of a quality education, which makes access to Big Shoulders Fund schools so vital to the future of Chicago.

Follow Big Shoulders Fund starting today through December on social media and visit our website to meet the faces who are doing their part to frame a successful future for Big Shoulders Fund schools. We invite you to be inspired by their actions as agents of change and learn that anyone can make a difference; all you have to do is choose to participate.

Want to share your story on how you help frame the future of Chicago schools? Or know someone who is setting students up for success? Just upload your story to social media using the hashtag #FrameTheFuture and tag Big Shoulders Fund.

Join us as we celebrate the future of Big Shoulders Fund schools!

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