St. Florian School Stays Open!

Joshua Hale, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The coordinated effort on the part of St. Florian and its surrounding community to build support for the school is truly impressive.  It is clear that St. Florian is as important to families today as it was when it was founded 107 years ago.  We couldn’t be happier that a Big Shoulders donor stepped up to meet the remainder of St. Florian’s fundraising goal, and send these students home for the holidays knowing their school will stay open.

Clearly, this is just another demonstration of the significant value these schools bring to the communities they serve. Big Shoulders is proud of our partnership with St. Florian and many other schools to help them develop a plan for long-term viability and to ensure their doors are open to welcome children for years to come.

Congratulations to the entire St. Florian community for shining a light on the great education provided by Catholic schools to children across the city.

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