Big Shoulders Fund Named to Chicago Magazine’s List of 20 Best Charities

As the adage goes, you are known by the company you keep.  So, based on our recent appearance in Chicago Magazine’s article, “Best Charities in Chicago: 20 Standout Nonprofits to Support this Season,” we keep good company!  We are thrilled to be listed as one of the top 20 nonprofits in Chicagoland from a list of more than 18,000!
In his now famous book Good to Great, author Jim Collins describes his research of thousands of companies here in the United States to understand how a company moves from being a good company to a great one. In a similar way, Chicago Magazine recently undertook a research project to identify the strongest nonprofit groups in the Chicago region. They started with more than 18,000 nonprofits that exist in the area. They then culled that list by
analyzing data and using ratings from Charity Navigator, a national watchdog group that provides analysis on charities’ transparency, data, and effectiveness in delivering on their mission. From that group they identified nonprofits which they believe best met the following criteria: a unique mission, maintain strong data to show impact, a strong Chicago connection, and how big a hole would be left if the nonprofit were to disappear.  The result: Big Shoulders Fund and 19 other nonprofits, which Chicago Magazine classifies as the “best” and the ones they suggest people consider supporting as the holiday season approaches.
As with any endeavor, our success starts with leadership and a great product. We are blessed with so many believers who provide the leadership and support enabling hope for the future; and then the children, the schools, and the many educators who make our mission possible.
As you will see in the article written by Lee Clifford, we are in great company with other groups seeking to make our community a better place for all of us to live.